Thailand Pattaya Open 2018 Regulations

Tournament Regulations

  1. This is an individual tournament, open to all players with FIDE ID number. If you do not have Fide ID number, please contact your country’s Rating Officer. Players with no FIDE ID No. will not be eligible to play in this tournament.
  2. There are two groups of play: Open category for all players, and Amateur category for players rated below 2100 or unrated (ratings based on October 2018 FIDE rating list). When registering, players must indicate in which group they wish to play.
  3. FIDE (World Chess Federation) rules and regulations shall apply. Results will be sent for FIDE rating calculations.
  4. Both groups will be played using the Swiss System, with 9 rounds for Open and 7 rounds for Amateur. For the pairings, the Swiss Manager program will be used.
  5. The matches shall be conducted according to the schedule, which will be made known to the respective players before the start of the tournament.
  6. Each player is accorded with a time control of 90 minutes for the game. In addition there is 30 seconds increment per move, starting from the move 1.
  7. Five minutes before the games start, the Chief Arbiter shall make the announcement accordingly. If any player is not present within half an hour after the game is started, he/she shall lose by default.
  8. Players are not allowed to bring mobile phones or other electronic devices into the tournament hall, any violation shall result in loss of game. Organizer will provide deposit point outside playing hall, where player can leave their mobile devices at their own risk.
  9. Officials and players must be smartly attired at all times while in the playing hall.

The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to these Regulations by notifying the players at  the technical meeting. All player must attend the technical meeting.


Tournament Program – Open

Pattaya – Open Start Time Activity
Wednesday, 24 October 12.00




Registration Closed

Player list shown at the hall entrance

Welcome & Technical meeting

Round 1

Thursday, 25 October 09:00–14:00


Round 2

Round 3

Friday, 26 October 14:00–19:00 Round 4
Saturday, 27 October 11:00–16:00 Round 5
Sunday, 28 October 11:00–16:00 Round 6
Monday, 29 October 14:00–19:00 Round 7
Tuesday, 30 October 14:00–19:00 Round 8
Wednesday, 31 October 09:00–14:00


Round 9 (final round)

Closing Ceremony


Tournament Program – Amateur

Thailand Pattaya- Amateur Start Time Activity
Thursday, 25 October 12.00




Registration Closed

Player list shown at the hall entrance

Welcome & Technical Meeting

Round 1

Friday, 26 October 14:00–19:00 Round 2
Saturday, 27 October 11:00–16:00 Round 3
Sunday, 28 October 11:00–16:00 Round 4
Monday, 29 October 14:00–19:00 Round 5
Tuesday, 30 October 14:00–19:00 Round 6
Wednesday, 31 October  09:00–14:00
Round 7 (final round)
Closing Ceremony


Tournament Programme – Blitz

Thailand Pattaya – Blitz Start Time Activity
Saturday, 27 October  16:30


Registration closed

5-8 Qualifier groups (10-14 players each)

Sunday, 28 October 18:00–20:30 Blitz Final

*Entry fee for the Open Blitz Tournament is 200 Baht (GMs free).
st Prize 5,000 Baht, 2nd 3,000 Baht and 3rd 2,000 Baht.



  • Chief Arbiter: IA Patcharawee Brahmawong (Thailand).
  • In the event of dispute, player may submit an appeal to the Chief Arbiter by depositing a sum of Baht 3,000.00 (100.00USD) to the Chief Arbiter, who will in turn pass it to the Appeals Committee a decision. Appeals Committee’s decision is final Deposit shall be returned if the appeal is successful. An appeal must be submitted to the Chief Arbiter within 30 minutes after the game is finished. Appeal Committee will be appointed at the Technical Meeting.



The tournament will be held in the Bay Beach Resort



Players are not required to stay at the Official Hotel, Bay Beach Resort. But special rates are offered chess player, an follows :

  • Room, including breakfast (single/twin)
    Deluxe Room : 2,500 Baht nett / room / night
    Family Room : 3,200 Baht nett / room / night


Entry Fees

  • Open: 3,500 Baht. Early Bird registration before September 30, 2018
    (Late registration is 4,000 Baht)
    *** Special Early Bird registration before April 30, 2018 : 3,000 Baht) ***
  • Amateur: 2,500 Baht. Early Bird registration before September 30, 2018
    (Late registration is 3,000 Baht)
    *** Special Early Bird registration before April 30, 2018 : 2,000 Baht) ***



Please complete the registration form. The organizer will confirm your registration by e-mail (if you do not get a reply within a week, please send a reminder). Deadline for early bird registration is September 30, 2018. After this date the normal registration charge will apply, and registrations may be declined.

Please contact the organizer for inquiries: email: or

Other information

  • Tournament results and pairings will be updated daily at
  • Approximate exchange rate: US $1 = 32 Baht; €1 = 37 Baht; £1 = 40 Baht (Correct at time of publishing. Rates may vary.)
  • Organizer will transportation transfer from airport to the official hotel at the cost of  USD 20.00 per person per trip. However, player should notify the Organizer well in advance should they wish to use this service. There is a tour bus service from Suvarnabhume Airport to Pattaya daily. From the bus terminal, players can hire a cab to the Bay Beach Resort Hotel.